European Association of Sinological Librarians


BEASL Number 9

A CJK Open Access Catalogue Available at the Institut d'Extreme Orient, College de France, Paris

by Hubert Delahaye

Since summer 1995, as a result of a joint project with the French Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, a first package of the Chinese catalogue of the Instituts d'Etreme Orient has been uploaded on a server in Grenoble, France.
It is accessible through Netscape (PC or Macintosh) and provides bibliographies dealing with classical Chinese studies with their corresponding data in Chinese character code. The Code is Big-5, romanization is Pinyin, search keys are author, title, ISBN/ISSN, collection, publisher, place, and year of publication. A subject search key (in French!) is also available. It corresponds roughly to the classification system of the annual bibliography ("Toyogaku bunken ruimoku") of the Kyoto University Research Institute. A list of these subject headings (only a few hundreds, including geographical and chronological) can be sent on request.
The address of the server is:
The name to click on is "SIGXOR, Extreme-Orient".
Simple browsing operations do not need special identification, but when you first try to download fiches, you will be requested to send your own address to the operator. After recognition of your server address, further operations will pose no downloading problems.
The downloading process is explained in a short text which will be shown when you activate "Notice CJK". It enables you to read CJK vernacular after your fiches are logged, and not only CJK code as displayed on the Netscape screen. Other hypertext help and explanations are available at every level.
The 20,000 records loaded as yet will be regularly updated and increased in number, not only from the Instituts d'Extreme Orient database but from other catalogs in France dealing with Chinese studies as well. Furthermore, a set of 25,000 records corresponding to Japanese, Indian, and Korean studies with their vernacular script code will be added by the middle of next year. Other French centres specializing in Asian studies are expected to load their data on this server in the near future.
In addition, a Vietnamese catalogue (Vietnamese fonts downloadable) of 5,000 records is already available.
Other catalogues with a total amount of some 280,000 records which are related to humanities in general (prehistory, history, sociology, ethnology, etc.) are also accessible at the same homepage but for Western books only. This facility is maintained by the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, "Catalogue Collectif des Ouvrages", Paris.

Hubert Delahaye
College de France, Paris