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List of current Chinese periodicals in French libraries of the Sinodoc association

The following document is by no means a catalog but a collective access list. Only periodicals received in the year 1998 through purchases, exchanges or gifts are included. No details on the state of the collections or on the bibliographical description are provided, only names in pinyin and characters (code is TBCJK) and occurences. [This online version is without Chinese characters - for Chinese characters please download this winword document: per-sino.doc).]

A new list shall be published every year, and we hope it will be a useful complement to the SSELP facility. Any suggestion or correction is welcome: thank you to enhance the quality of the forthcoming edition.

Please forward your mail to La Maison de l'Asie :

Vincent Durand-Dastès

Bibliothèque de l'Ecole française d'Extrême-orient

 22, avenue du Président Wilson, 75116 Paris

  : 01-53-70-18-42

Bénédicte Héraud

Bibliothèque du Centre d'études sur la Chine moderne et contemporaine 


 22, avenue du Président Wilson, 75116 Paris

 : 01-53-70-18-69

Abbreviations as used below, and Institutions where to apply for acknowlegments or requests:

BMPL : Bibliothèque municipale de Lyon Part-Dieu, fonds chinois
30, bd Vivier-Merle
69431 Lyon cedex 03
 : 04-78-62-19-04

CECC : Bibliothèque du Centre d'études sur le Chine moderne et contemporaine - EHESS
22, avenue du Président Wilson
75116 Paris
 : 01-53-70-18-68/69

CERN : Bibliothèque du Musée Cernuschi
7, avenue Velasquez
75008 Paris
 : 01-45-63-50-75

CLAO : Bibliothèque du Centre de recherches et d'études linguistiques sur l'Asie orientale - EHESS
22, avenue du Président Wilson
75116 Paris
 : 01-53-70-18-64

EFEO : Bibliothèque de l'Ecole française d'Extrême-orient
22, avenue du Président Wilson
75116 Paris
: 01-53-70-18-46

GUIM : Bibliothèque du Musée Guimet
6, place d'Iéna
75016 Paris
 : 01-47-23-61-65

IAOL : Bibliothèque de l'Institut d'Asie orientale - MRASH
14, avenue Berthelot
69363 Lyon cedex 07
: 04-72-72-64-82

IHEC : Bibliothèque de l'Institut des Hautes études chinoises - Collège de France
52, rue du Cardinal Lemoine
75005 Paris
: 01-44-27-18-08

LO.D : Bibliothèque Inter-universitaire des Langues orientales - Centre Dauphine
Place du maréchal de Lattre de Tassigny
75116 Paris
: 01-44-05-41-12

LO.L : Bibliothèque Inter-universitaire des Langues orientales
4, rue de Lille
75007 Paris
: 01-44-77-87-33

X(rbs) : Revue Bibliographique de Sinologie - EHESS
22, avenue du Président Wilson
75116 Paris
: 01-53-70-18-74

NB : les périodiques de la RBS sont accessibles aux lecteurs par l'intermédiaire de la bibliothèque de l'EFEO

Anhui ribao X
Anyang wenxian X
Bai Qiu'en yike daxue xuebao X
Banyue tan X
Beida shixue X
Beifang wenwu X(rbs) X X
Beifang wenxue X
Beijing daxue xuebao X
Beijing shi guomin jingji zhuyao zhibiao yuebao X
Beijing shiyuan X
Beijing tushuguan guankan X
Beijing wanbao X
Beijing wenbo X
Beijing wenwu yu kaogu X
Beijing wenxue X
Beijing zhi chun X
Beijing zhoubao X
Biaoyan yishu X
Caijing yanjiu X
Caizheng X X
Caizhengbu gongbao X
Caiwu yu kuaji (Renda fuyin baokan ziliao) X
Caiwu yu shuiwu (Renda fuyin baokan ziliao) X X
Caoyuan X
Chan X
Changjiang wenxue X
Chengshi daobao X
Chengshi guihua X
Chengshi huanjing yu chengshi shentai X
Chengshi jingji, quyu jingji (Renda fuyin baokan ziliao) X X
Chengshi kaifa X
Chengshi wenti X
Chengxiang jianshe X
Chuban jie X X
Chuban ren X
Chuantong wenhua yu xiandaihua X
Cishu yanjiu X
Cixue X
Dadi dili zazhi X X
Dalu zazhi X X
Daziran  X
Danjiang shixue X
Dang'an xue X
Dang'an xue tongxun X
Dangdai X X X X
Dangdai qingnian zazhi X
Dangdai zhongguo shi yanjiu X
Dangdai zhongguo yanjiu X X
Daojia wenhua yanjiu X
Dili xuebao X
Dili yanjiu X
Dili zhishi X
Dilixue yu guotu yanjiu X
Difang zizhi zazhi X
Dilixue (baogao) yanjiu X
Diming zhishi X
Dianying chuangzuo X
Dianying dianshi yishu yanjiu (Renda fuyin baokan ziliao) X
Dianying yishu X
Dianzi yu zidonghua
Dongbei wenxian X X X
Dongbei Ya luntan X
Dongfang X
Dongfang wenhua X
Dongfang zongjiao yanjiu X X
Donghai xuebao X
Dongnan wenhua X X
Dongnan Ya quyu yanjiu tongxun X
Dongwu lishi xuebao X
Dongwu shehui xuebao X
Dongwu wenshi xuebao X
Dongwu zhenzhi xuebao X
Dongwu zhongwen xuebao X
Dongya X
Du Fu yanjiu xuekan X
Du shu X X
Dunhuang Tulufan yanjiu X
Dunhuang xue X
Dunhuang xue jikan X
Dunhuang yanjiu X X
Er shi yi shiji X X
Faguo hanxue X X X
Faling zazhi X
Falü  X
Faxue X
Faxue yanjiu X X
Fayin X
Fazhi X
Fazhi ribao X X
Fangyan X X X
Fojiao wenhua X
Foxue yanjiu X
Fudan xuekan X
Fujian dili X
Fujian huanjing X
Fujian jingji bao X
Fujian luntan : jingshe
Fujian luntan : wenshizhi X
Fujian wenxue X
Funü yanjiu (Renda fuyin baokan ziliao) X X
Funü yanjiu luncong X(rbs)
Funü zazhi X
Furen lishi xuebao X
Furen xuezhi X
Gaige X
Gansu shehuikexue X
Gaodeng jiaoyu (Renda fuyin baokan ziliao) X
Gaodeng xuexiao wenke xuebao wenzhai X
Gaoxiong huakan X
Gaoxiongshi wujia tongji yuebao X
Gequ X
Gongcheng X
Gongdang wenti yanjiu X
Gonglun zazhi X
Gongren ribao X X
Gongren zuzhi yu huodong (Renda fuyin baokan ziliao) X X
Gongshang guanli X
Gongshang shibao X
Gongshang zazhi X
Gongye jianxun X
Gongye jingji X
Gongye qiye guanli X
Gongye zazhi X
Gudai wenxue lilun yanjiu X
Gudian wenxue X
Gugong bowuyuan yuankan X(rbs) X X
Gugong xueshu jikan X X X
Gu hanyu yanjiu X
Gushihui X X
Gujian yuanlin jishu X
Guangdong shehui kexue X
Guangdong shizhi X
Guanghua X X
Guangming ribao X X
Guangming ribao suoyin X X
Guangxi minzu xueyuan xuebao : zhe, she X
Guangzhou jingji X
Guangzhou ribao X
Guangzhou wenyi X
Guangzhou yanjiu = Kaifang shidai X
Guizhou minzu yanjiu X X
Guizhou wenshi congkan X X
Guoji hanxue X
Guoji maoyi X
Guojia zhengce zazhi X
Guoli lishi bowuguan guankan X
Guoli Taiwan daxue shehui xuekan X
Guoli Taiwan daxue wenshizhe xuebao X X
Guoli taiwan shifan daxue guowen yanjiusuo jikan X
Guoli Taiwan shiqianwenhua bowuguan X
Guoli zhengzhi daxue guoji guanxi xuebao X
Guoli zhengzhi daxue lishi xuebao X X
Guoli zhengzhi daxue xuebao X X
Guoli zhongyang daxue xuebao X
Guoli zhongyang daxue renwen xuebao X
Guoli zhongyang daxue wenxueyuan yanjiu lunwen ji chengguo zhaiyao X
Guoli zhongyang tushuguan guankan X
Guoli zhongyang tushuguan guanxun X
Guomin jingji guanli yu jihua X
Guoshiguan guankan X X X
Guowai yuyanxue X
Guowen tiandi X X
Guowen xuebao X
Guowuyuan gongbao X
Guoxue yanjiu X
Guwenzi yanjiu X
Haijiao shi yanjiu X X X
Hainan daxue xuebao X
Haishang sichou zhi lu yanjiu X
Haiwai xueren X
Hansheng X
Hanxue yanjiu X X
Hanxue yanjiu tongxun X X X
Hanyu xuexi X
Hanzi wenhua X X
Hangzhou daxue xuebao X
Hongloumeng xuekan X
Hunan wenxue X
Huadong jingji guanli X
Huafan xuebao X
Huaxia kaogu ? X
Huanjing X
Huanjing baohu X
Huanjing daobao X
Huizu yanjiu X
Jianchayuan gongbao zazhi X
Jianzhu jingji X
Jianzhu shi X
Jianghai xuekan X
Jianghan kaogu X X
Jianghan luntan X
Jiangsu jingji bao X
Jiangsu jingji tansuo X
Jiangsu xiangzhen qiye X
Jiangxi ribao X
Jiangxi shehui kexue X
Jiangyi X X
Jiaotong yu gongye zazhi X
Jiaotong yunshu jingji youdian jingji X
Jiaotong zazhi X
Jiaotongbu gongbao zazhi X
Jiaoyubu gongbao zazhi X
Jiefang ribao X X
Jiefangjun ribao X
Jindaishi yanjiu X
Jindai zhongguo X X
Jindai zhongguo funü shi yanjiu X(rbs) X
Jindai zhongguo shi yanjiu tongxun X X
Jinri jingji X
Jinri youzheng yuekan X
Jinri zhongguo X
Jinrong yu baoxian (Renda fuyin baokan ziliao) X X
Jinyang xuekan X
Jingbao X
Jingji dili X
Jingji faxue laodong faxue (Renda fuyin baokan ziliao) X X
Jingji gaige X
Jingji guanli X
Jingi lilun yu jingj guanli X
Jingji lunwen X
Jingji ribao X X
Jingji shi X
Jingji tizhi gaige X
Jingji yanjiu X X X
Jingjibu gongbao zazhi X
Jiushi niandai  X X X
Juben X
Kaifang shidai = Guangzhou yanjiu X
Kang ri zhanzheng yanjiu X X
Kaogu X X X(rbs) X X X X
Kaogu xuebao X X(rbs) X X
Kaogu xue jikan X X
Kaoguxue wenhua lunwenji X
Kaogu yu wenwu X X(rbs) X X
Kaoshiyuan gongbao zazhi X
Kexue yuekan X
Kong Meng xuebao X X
Kong meng Yuekan X X
Kongxue yu rensheng X
Kongzi yanjiu X
Lanzhou daxue xuebao : she X
Laodong bao X
Laodong jingji yu renli ziyuan guanli (Renda fuyin baokan ziliao) X X
Laogong xingzheng zazhi X
Laonian bao hedingben X
Lifayuan gongbao zazhi X
Lishi X
Lishi dang'an X X
Lishi dili X
Lishi xue (Renda fuyin baokan ziliao) X X
Lishi xuebao X X
Lishi yanjiu X X X X X X
Lishi yuekan X X
Lianhebao X X
Lianhe wenxue X
Liaowang X
Luoyang wenxian X X
Manxue yanjiu X
Manyu yanjiu X
Manzu wenhua X X
Manzu yanjiu X
Mangzhong X
Meishu  X X
Meishu yanjiu X
Mengguxue xinxi X
Minguo chunqiu X
Minguo dang'an X X
Minjian wenxue X X
Minjian wenxue luntan X
Min shang faxue (Renda fuyin baokan ziliao) X
Minsu quyi X X
Minsu yanjiu X X
Minzhu xianzheng zazhi X
Minzhu yu fazhi X X
Minzu wenxue X
Minzu xue yanjiusuo ziliao huibian X X X X
Minzu yanjiu X X X X
Minzu yanjiu (Renda fuyin baokan ziliao) X X X
Minzu yuwen X X X
Mingbao yuekan X X X
Mingdao wenyi X
Ming Qing shi (Renda fuyin baokan ziliao) X
Nanfang jingji X
Nanfang renkou X
Nanfang ribao X
Nanhai xuebao X
Nanjing shizhi X
Nengyuan jikan X
Nongcun yanjiu X
Nongmin ribao X
Nongye jingji (Renda fuyin baokan ziliao) X X
Nongye jingji wenti X
Nongye kaogu X(rbs) X X
Pudong kaifa X
Qinhan shi luncong X
Qinghua xuebao X
Qingshi yanjiu X X
Qiushi X X
Qiye jingji X
Quanguo baokan suoyin X
Quanguo tushu zixun wanglu tongxun X
Quanguo xinshumu X
Redai dili X
Rencai kaifa X
Renda changweihui gongbao X
Renkou dongtai X
Renkou xuekan X
Renkou yanjiu X X
Renkou yanjiu tongxun X
Renkou yu jingji X
Renkou yu yousheng X
Renkouxue yu jihua shengyu X
Renmin gong'an bao X
Renmin huabao X
Renmin jingcha X
Renmin ribao X X X
Renmin ribao (haiwaiban) X
Renmin ribao suoyin X
Renmin yinyue X
Renquan luntan zazhi X
Renwen xuebao X
Renwen zhongguo X
Renwu X
Sanwen X
Shandong wenxue X
Shanxi wenxian X X X
Shanxi wenxue X
Shanghai bowuguan jikan X
Shanghai dang'an gongzuo X
Shanghai daojiao X
Shanghai fayuan X
Shanghai fazhi bao X
Shanghai gaige X
Shanghai gongye jingji bao X
Shanghai huanjing bao X
Shanghai huanjing kexue X
Shanghai jingrong X
Shanghai jingji X
Shanghai jingji yanjiu X
Shanghai keji fanyi jikan X
Shanghai qiye X
Shanghai shehuikexue xueshu jikan
Shanghai tan X
Shanghai tongji X
Shanghai wenxue X
Shehui X
Shehui baozhang zhidu (Renda fuyin baokan ziliao) X
Shehui jiaoyu niankan X
Shehui kexue X X
Shehui kexue bao X
Shehui kexue jikan X
Shehui kexue yanjiu (Sichuan) X X
Shehui kexue zhanxian X
Shehui kexue zonglun X
Shehui xue (Renda fuyin baokan ziliao) X X
Shehui xue yanjiu X
Sheke xinshumu X
Shenzhen tequ bao X
Shijie dili zazhi X
Shijie hanyu jiaoxue X X
Shijie zhishi X
Shijie zongjiao wenhua X
Shijie zongjiao yanjiu X
Shikan X
Shilian zazhi X
Shisou X
Shixue jikan X
Shixue shi yanjiu X
Shi yue X X
Shouhuo X X
Shufa X X
Shufa yanjiu X(rbs) X
Shuxiang X
Sichuan daxue xuebao : zhe, she X
Sichuan wenwu X X
Sichuan wenxue X
Si yu yan X X X
Sifayuan gongbao zazhi X
Suiyuan wenxian X
Taibei huakan X X
Taibei shiyuan xuebao X
Taibeishi zhengfu gongbao hedingben X
Taibei wenxian X X
Taida jingji lunwen congkan X
Taida zhongwen xuebao X
Taidian gongcheng yuekan X X
Taiwan fengwu X X X
Taiwan jinchukou zazhi X
Taiwan jingji X
Taiwan jingji jinrong yuekan X
Taiwan jingji yanjiu yuekan X
Taiwan jingji yanjiu zazhi X
Taiwan jingji yuce yu zhengce X
Taiwan renquan zazhi X
Taiwan shehui yanjiu X
Taiwan shiliao yanjiu X
Taiwan wenxian jikan X
Taiwan yanjiu X
Taiwan yuekan X
Taiwan yinhang jikan X
Taiwansheng zhengfu gongbao hedingben X
Tang yanjiu X
Tequ jingji X
Tequ wenxue X
Tequ yu kaifa qu jingji (Renda fuyin baokan ziliao) X X
Tequ zhanwang X
Tizhi gaige X
Tianjin shehui kexue X
Tianxia zazhi X X
Tongling X
Touzi yu qiye zazhi X
Tushu qingbao gongzuo X
Tushu qingbao zhishi X
Wenbo X
Wenhui bao X
Wenshi X
Wenshi xuebao X X
Wen shi zhe X X
Wenshi zhishi X X
Wenti yu yanjiu X X
Wenwu X XX(rbs) X X X X
Wenwu tiandi X
Wenxian X(rbs) X X
Wenxin diaolong xuekan X
Wenxue bao X
Wenxue pinglun X
Wenxue yichan X X
Wenxun zazhi X
Wenyi bao X
Wenyi lilun (Renda fuyin baokan ziliao) X
Wenyi lilun yanjiu X
Wenyi llilun yu piping X(rbs)
Wenyi yanjiu X
Wutaishan yanjiu X
Xibei daxue xuebao X X
Xibei minzu yanjiu X
Xibei renkou X
Xibei shida xuebao X
Xibei shidi X X X
Xiju bao X
Xiju yishu X
Xiqu yanjiu X
Xiyu yanjiu X
Xizang tongxun X
Xizang yanjiu X
Xizang yanjiu lunwenji X
Xiandai qiye daokan X
Xiandai yu chuantong X
Xianzheng pinglun X
Xianzheng shidai X
Xiangzhen qiye X
Xiangzhen qiye yu nongchang guanli X
Xiaofeizhe baodao zazhi X
Xiaoshuo yuebao X
Xiaoxian wenxian X
Xin shi xue X X
Xin fagui X
Xinhua wenzhai X X
Xinhua yuebao X
Xinjiang daxue xuebao : zhe, she
Xinjiang shehui jingji X
Xinmin wanbao X
Xin wenxue shiliao X X
Xinwen xue yanjiu X
Xinwen zhanxian X
Xin xinwen X X
Xinya xuebao X
Xing yu ming X
Xingzhengyuan weishengshu gongbao zazhi X
Xiuci xuexi X
Xue hanyu X
Xueshu jilin X
Xueshu yanjiu X
Xueshu yuekan X
Xuexi yu tansuo X
Yazhou wenhua X
Yanjing xuebao X
Yanjiu huikan X
Yangcheng wanbao X X
Yi guwen zhishi X
Yipu X
Yishu pinglun X X
Yishu jia X X
Yishu xue X X
Yindu xuekan X
Yinyun xue yanjiu
Youshi wenyi X X
Youzheng nianbao X
Youzheng tongji yaolan X
Yuwen jianshe X X
Yuwen xuexi X
Yuwen yanjiu X X
Yuyan jiaoxue yu yanjiu X X X
Yuyan yanjiu X X
Yuyan wenzi yingyong X
Yuanshi luncong X
Yuanjian zazhi X
Yunnan minzu xueyuan xuebao X X
Yunnan shehui kexue X
Zhejiang ribao X
Zhejiang xuekan X
Zhexue yanjiu X
Zhexue yu wenhua X X
Zhexue zazhi X
Zheng He yanjiu X
Zhengming X X X X
Zhengzhi daxue shehui xuebao X
Zhengzhi yu falü  X
Zhengzhi xue X
Zhonggong yanjiu X X
Zhongguo X
Zhongguo bianjiang shidi yanjiu X
Zhongguo chengshi jinrong X
Zhongguo dalu yanjiu X X X
Zhongguo dang'an
Zhongguo dangshi yanjiu X
Zhongguo daojiao X
Zhongguo dili (Renda fuyin baokan ziliao) X X
Zhongguo diming X
Zhongguo dianji yu wenhua X X
Zhongguo faxue X
Zhongguo fangyu xingzheng quhua yu diming X
Zhongguo funü X X X
Zhongguo funü bao X
Zhongguo gongchandang (Renda fuyin baokan ziliao) X
Zhongguo gongye jingji yanjiu X
Zhongguo jiti gongye X
Zhongguo jindaishi (Renda fuyin baokan ziliao) X X
Zhongguo jingji shi yanjiu X(rbs) X
Zhongguo jingji tizhi gaige X
Zhongguo jingji yuekan X
Zhongguo jinrong X X
Zhongguo kaogu xuehui nianhui lunwenji X
Zhongguo kaoguxue nianjian X X
Zhongguo keji shiliao X(rbs) X
Zhongguo laonian X
Zhongguo lishi bowuguan guankan X
Zhongguo lishi dili luncong
Zhongguo lishi wenxian yanjiu X
Zhongguo lishi xuehui shixue jikan X X
Zhongguo lishixue nianjian X
Zhongguo musilin X
Zhongguo nongcun guancha X
Zhongguo nongcun jingji X
Zhongguo nongshi X(rbs) X X
Zhongguo qiyebao X
Zhongguo qiyejia X
Zhongguo qianbi X
Zhongguo qingnian X X
Zhongguo renkou bao X
Zhongguo renkou kexue X
Zhongguo renmin daxue xuebao X
Zhongguo shehui jingji shi yanjiu X(rbs) X X
Zhongguo shehui kexue X X X
Zhongguo shehui kexue jikan X
Zhongguo shehui kexueshi yanjiu X
Zhongguo shehui kexueyuan yanjiusheng yuan xuebao X X
Zhongguo shi yanjiu X(rbs) X X X
Zhongguo shi yanjiu dongtai X(rbs) X X X
Zhongguo shufa X
Zhongguo shumu jikan X
Zhongguo tongji X X
Zhongguo tongji xinxibao X
Zhongguo tushuguan xuebao X X
Zhongguo tushuguan xuehui xuebao X
Zhongguo waijiao (Renda fuyin baokan ziliao) X
Zhongguo wenhua X X
Zhongguo wenhua yanjiu  X(rbs)
Zhongguo wenhua yanjiusuo xuebao X X
Zhongguo wenhua yuekan X
Zhongguo wenwu bao X(rbs)
Zhongguo wenzhe yanjiu jikan X
Zhongguo wenzhe yanjiu tongxun X
Zhongguo wujia X
Zhongguo xiandai dangdai wenxue yanjiu (Renda fuyin baokan ziliao) X
Zhongguo xiandaishi (Renda fuyin baokan ziliao) X X
Zhongguo xiandaishi shuping xuanji X
Zhongguo xiandai wenxue lilun jikan X X
Zhongguo yishi yanjiu tongxun X
Zhongguo yinshi wenhua jijinhui tongxun X
Zhongguo xingzheng zazhi X
Zhongguo yuwen X X X X
Zhongguo yuyan xuebao X X
Zhongguo zangxue (zhongwen ban) X
Zhongguo zhengzhi (Renda fuyin baokan ziliao) X X
Zhongguo zhongyi yao nianjian X
Zhongguo zongjiao X
Zhonghua foxue xuebao X
Zhonghua gongcheng zazhi X
Zhonghua minguo chuban nianjian X
Zhonghua minguo chuban tushu mulu X
Zhonghua minguo jiaotong tongji yaolan X
Zhonghua minguo jiaotong tongji yuebao  X X
Zhonghua minguo jiaoyu tongji  X
Zhonghua minguo jiaoyu tongji tiyao X
Zhonghua minguo jiaoyu tongji zhibiao X
Zhonghua minguo qikan lunwen suoyin X
Zhonghua minguo taibeishi wujia tongji yuebao X
Zhonghua minguo taiwan diqu : *
* gongshang qiye jingying gaikuang diaocha nianbao  X
* gongye shengchan tongji yuebao X X
* guoji biaozhun shuhao chuban jigou minglu X
* guoji biaozhun shuhao chuban zhongxin tongxun X
* jinchukou maoyi tongji yuebao X X
* jingji tongji tubiao X
* jinrong tongji yuebao X X X
* nongye shengchan tongji nianbao X
* renli ziyuan tongji nianbao X
* shehui zhibiao tongji baogao X
* shijian yunyong diaocha baogao X
* waixiao dingdan tongji subao X
* xinzi yu shengchanli tongji yuebao X
* zhileibie xinzi diaocha X
Zhonghua minguo tongji yuebao X
Zhonghua minguo weisheng tongji  X
Zhonghua minguo xingzheng jiguan chubanpin mulu X
Zhonghua minguo xingzheng jiguan chubanpin mulu huibian X
Zhonghua minguo zhengfu gongbao suoyin X
Zhonghua minguo (haiguan) chukou maoyi tongji yuebao X
Zhonghua minguo(haiguan) jinkou maoyi tongji yuebao X
Zhonghua renmin gongheguo guowuyuan gongbao X
Zhonghua renmin gongheguo quanguo renda changweihui gongbao X
Zhonghua renmin gongheguo zuigao renmin fayuan gongbao X X
Zhonghua renmin gongheguo zuigao renmin jianchayuan gongbao X X
Zhonghua shangye X
Zhonghua wenshi luncong X
Zhonghua yishi zazhi X
Zhongnan minzu xueyuan xuebao X
Zhongshan daxue xuebao X
Zhongshan daxue xuebao (ziran kexueban) X
Zhongshan shehui kexue qikan X X
Zhongshan xueshu luncong X
Zhongwai guanxi shi luncong X
Zhongwai huakan X
Zhongwai wenxue X
Zhongwen xinxi X
Zhongwen xinxi xuebao X
Zhongyang minzu xueyuan xuebao  X
Zhongyang ribao X X
Zhongyang yanjiuyuan jindaishi yanjiusuo jikan X X
Zhongyang yanjiuyuan lishi yuyan yanjiusuo jikan X X X X
Zhongyang yanjiuyuan minzuxue yanjiusuo jikan X X X X
Zhongyang yinhang nianbao X
Zhongyang yuekan X
Zhongyangyuan minzusuo jikan X
Zhongyuan wenhua X
Zhongyuan wenwu X
Zhouyi yanjiu X
Zhujiang sanjiaozhou jingji X
Zhuanji wenxue zazhi X X
Zhuoyue zazhi X X
Ziran kexueshi yanjiu
Ziyou zhongguo zhi gongye X X
Zongjiao (Renda fuyin baokan ziliao) X
Zongtongfu gongbao X
Zouxiang shijie X
Zuojia X
Zuopin X


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