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[Bibliothèque de l'Ecole française d'Extrême Orient (EFEO)]  [Bibliothèque interuniversitaire des langues orientales] [Ecole des hautes études en sciences sociales, Centre d'études sur la Chine moderne et contemporaine][Fonds chinois de la Bibliothèque municipale de Lyon] [Institut des Hautes Etudes Chinoises (IHEC), Collège de France]

Name Bibliothèque de l'Ecole française d'Extrême Orient (EFEO)
address 22 avenue du Président Wilson, 75116 Paris, France
fax +33 1 53 70 87 60
telephone +33  53 70 18 46
e-mail <> [head librarian]; [CJK librarian]
foundation 1898 in Hanoï, Vietnam; transferred to Paris in 1954
professor Franciscus Verellen, Director of the EFEO
library holdings about 88 000 ( Chinese and Japanese collection: 14 000 )
catalogue/library system multilingual, multi-script Millennium catalogue, The remaining card catalogues are being progressively computerised.
special focus Chinese and Japanese ancient history and archaeology, religions, Buddhist studies, Anthropology. The library's holdings cover Asian countries from India to Japan. Rare collection of S.E. and South Asian manuscripts, rubbings, photographs, and research manuscripts of former EFEO members. 
library staff / contact Cristina Cramerotti (head librarian); Barbara Bonazzi (Chinese collection)
(inter-library) loan yes
others The EFEO library is one of several libraries of Far-Eastern studies housed in the Maison de l'Asie in Paris, together with the "Centre Chine" (CECMC- Center for the study of modern and contemporary China ) and "Centre Inde"(CEIAS Center for the study of India and South Asia), as well as smaller research centers (topics: Tibetan religion, Taoism, Japanese popular Religion, Indonesia, Korea, Far-Eastern linguistics).
last update:22/08/2007

Name Bibliothèque universitaire des langues et civilisations (BULAC)
address 65 rue de Grands Moulins, 75013 Paris France
fax +33 1 8169 1899
telephone +33 1 8169 1861
foundation 1874
library holdings 620.000 volumes all languages ; ca 40.000 in Chinese
catalogue/library system SUDOC (Système universitaire de documentation) for all languages in latin script or romanised languages except for Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Arabic for wich we catalogue with vernacular scripts on OCLC-CJK (since 01-01-2001) (SUDOC)
special focus Languages and civilisations of Asia, Africa, Central, Eastern and Balkanic Europe, Middle East, Oceania and Amerindians. Chinese : literature, linguistics, history, sociology, ethnology, etc. Excluded are economics, sciences and technology.  The Chinese collection includes monographs and periodicals mainly from PRC, a few from Taiwan. Collection about China in French, English, German, Italian etc. 
library staff / contact Soline Suchet
last update: 02/09/2012

Name Ecole des hautes études en sciences sociales, Centre d'études sur la Chine moderne et contemporaine
address 22 avenue du Président Wilson - 75116 Paris - FRANCE
fax + 33 53 70 18 70
telephone + 33 53 70 18 68/69/70
foundation 1958
professor Directors: Yves CHEVRIER and Françoise SABBAN
library holdings Monographs: ca 40 000 vols / Periodicals: ca 1650 titles
catalogue/library system Cards catalogue up to 1992. From 1992, automatisated catalogue with ASIA (only for monographs)
special focus Mid-nineteenth (from the Opium wars)and especially twentieth-century China, with a special focus on social sciences.
library staff / contact Monique ABUD (énédicte HERAUD ( / PEH Guat-kooi (
(inter-library) loan No.
others The private Chinese collections of the two French Sinologists, the Général Jacques Guillermaz and Madame Michelle Loi are now holded in this Library.
last update: 26/2/2000

Name Fonds chinois de la Bibliothèque municipale de Lyon (France)
address 30, boulevard Vivier-Merle F-69431 LYON cedex 03
fax +33-(0)
telephone +33-(0)
e-mail ;
foundation 1985
library holdings library holdings 55.000 titles of books + ca 700 titles of periodicals (Chinese & Western languages).
special focus Subject coverage centres on: Chinese literature of the 20th century; political, social, educational and cultural history of the Early Republican Period. Chinese religion and philosophy, Dunhuang studies.
special collection - Archives of the former Lyon Sino-French Institute (1921-1949).
- The private Chinese collections of three French Sinologists, the General Jacques Guillermaz (2000 vol.), Madame Michelle Loi (3000 vol.) and Pr. Michel Soymié (4000 vol.).
- The Chinese collections of the former Bibliothèque jésuite de Chantilly (about 12.000 vol.), among which André d'Hormon's private library.
library staff / contact Full time librarians : Jean-Louis Boully ; Valentina De Monte
(inter-library) loan Yes, only for the books published after ‘49
Last update: 24/6/2004

Name Institut des Hautes Etudes Chinoises (IHEC), Collège de France
address 52 rue du Cardinal-Lemoine, 75005 Paris 
fax +33 (0) 
telephone +33 (0) / 18.09
e-mail / 
foundation 1927
library holdings 300.000 titles of books or texts, 13.00 titles of periodicals (300 current).
catalogue/library system card catalog + computer catalog (over 50.000 items) available on-the www since 1995: big-5 encoding, pinyin translitteration.
computer catalog:
special focus classical studies to 1911: good collections of local gazeteers, collectanea and rare books.
others The IHEC is one of the five research centers forming the Instituts d'Extrême-Orient, Collège de France (other Institutes specialize on Japanese, Korean, Indian, Tibetan studies). Besides, the Société asiatique library is also hosted at the same site. 
Last update: 13/1/1999


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