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[Humboldt-Universität - Berlin] [Museum für ostasiatische Kunst - Berlin][Ruhr-Universität Bochum / Ostasienwissenschaften] [Universität Erlangen: Sinologie
[Landesspracheninstitut NRW] [Seminar für Sprache und Kultur Chinas - Hamburg] [Monumenta Serica]
[Museum für ostasiatische Kunst - Köln] [Sinologie Heidelberg]
[Sinologie Kiel] [Moderne China Studien - Köln]
[Ostasiatisches Institut - Leipzig] [Sinologie Marburg]
[Sinologie München] [Sinologie Münster][Seminar für Sinologie und Koreanistik Tübingen]
[Sinologie Würzburg]

address Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin Universitätsbibliothek/Zweigbibliothek Asien- und Afrikawissenschaften Luisenstr. 54/55 D-10117 Berlin 
fax +49 30/28485666
telephone +49 30/28485691 
foundation ca. 1850
professor(s) professor(s) Prof. Dr. Kaden (language, linguistics) Prof. Dr. Müller (Chinese literature) Prof. Dr. Reiter (pre-modern Chinese culture) 
catalogue/library system BIS-LOK
special focus Local gazetteers (difangzhi); Daoist literature (daozang-editions); Dunhuang reprints (Tripitaka)
library staff (for the whole department Asia and Africa): 4 full time librarians, 5 part- time assistants (40h/month) 
computer equipment 6 PC workstations
internet/www connected 
others projects: Studies in Daoist rituals (Dr. P. Andersen); Studies in Chinese encyclopaedias (leishu) (C. Koerbs); Cult and culture in regional history and its effects in contemporary China (Prof. Dr. Reiter), Gesellschaftliche und politische Bedingugen von Systemkrise und Systemwandel in der Volksrepublik China und der Republik China auf Taiwan (finished, Prof. Dr. Felber); Chinesische Deutschlandbilder. Deutschland in den Auffassungen chinesischer Intellektueller in der ersten Hälfte des 20. Jh.s (finished, Prof. Dr. Felber)

address Museum für Ostasiatische Kunst/Bibliothek Takustr. 40 D-14195 Berlin 
fax +49 30/8316384
telephone +49 30/8301-1 or 030/8301-382(367)(394) 
foundation 1906, total loss 1945, re-establiched 1950, unification East- and West- Berlin 1992
catalogue/library system alphabatic and systematic card cataloguing, modified RAK
special focus art, archaeology and crafts of China, Japan, Korea 
library stuff 1 (10h/week): Yoko Hintz 
computer equipment no 
internet/www no 

address Landesspracheninstitut Nordrhein-Westfalen - Sinicum Stiepeler Str. 129 D-44801 Bochum
fax +49 234/7094-119 
telephone +49 234/7094-119 
foundation 1980, since 1993 togethter with Japonicum, Arabicum, Russicum as LSI
professor(s) director of LSI: Dr. Pleines, head of Sinicum: Dr. Frühauf
library holdings 10 000 titles (in part duplicates for classroom use); 320 journals, 3 daily newspapers, 31 periodicals 
catalogue/library system according to Preussische Instruktionen and Pinyin, computer cataloguing on allegro-C and RAK-WB (according to ISBD)
special focus manuals and accompanying materials (cassettes, video-tapes, character flash-cards, etc.) of Modern Chinese languge (incl. some books on Cantonese, Hakka, Taiwnese); dictionaries; translations from and into German; „Landeskundliche Literatur" (such as guides to economy, law, social conditions, history manners and customs, tourist guides)
computer equipment 1 PC (together with Arabicum, Japonicum), with allegro-C, ET

address Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Bibliothek der Fakultät für Ostasienwissenschaften
UB 4, Universitätsstr. 150, 44780 Bochum
fax (+49) 0234-32114584 (Dekanat)
telephone (+49) 0234-3226188 (library); (+49) 0234-3228092 / (+49) 0234-3226092(offices)
e-mail / or:
foundation 1965
professor(s) Dr. Findeisen; Prof. Dr. Roetz; Prof. Dr. Klenner
library holdings  110.000 titles; 220 current journals; 3 newspapers; 220 periodicals (total)
catalogue/library system since 1996 card cataloguing and computer cataloguing on Allegro-NW, RAK-WB, in Pinyin (ET, GB enc.)
special focus Modern Chinese literature; Taiwan literature, philosophy, history and human rights, economy and politics in East Asia
library staff Kira Rohde-Liebenau, Dipl.-Sinologin; Michael Schütte, M.A.
computer equipment  4 PCs for cataloguing and library work; 4 PCs for library users
others Richard-Wilhelm-Übersetzungszentrum (T.C. Martin-Liao, M.A.) project since 1999: Taiwan Research Unit (Dr. Christina Neder

address Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg, Bibliothek Sinologie
Institut für Außereuropäische Sprachen und Kulturen, Bismarckstr. 1, 91054 Erlangen
fax +49 9131 85 26374
telephone +49 9131 85 22449
foundation 1960
professor(s) Prof. Dr. Klaus Flessel (Traditional China), Prof. Dr. Michael Lackner (Modern China)
library holdings 35.000 vols; 150 periodicals (ca. 60 current)
catalogue/library system Card catalogue (Wade-Giles); since 1993 allegro-C + ET (GB, pinyin)
special focus Linguistics, history of modern China (since 1800), 20th-century Chinese literature, history of science and thought in China
library staff 1 librarian: Andrej Keiper, M.A.; 4 students
computer equipment 2 PCs for cataloguing and library work, 2 PCs for library users, 1 Linux server
others The private collection of the sinologist Hans Steininger is now held in this library.
added: 31.8.2001

address Seminar für Sprache und Kultur Chinas, Universität Hamburg Von-Melle-Park 6 D-20146 Hamburg
fax +49 40/42838-3106
telephone +49 40/42838-6782
foundation 1909 as part of the German Colonial Institute, 1967 split into Sinology I (Language and Literature) and Sinology II (State and Society)
professor(s) Prof. Dr. Friedrich (Sinology I) Prof. Dr. Stumpfeldt (Sinology II) Prof. Dr. Eberstein (present China studies)
library holdings 85 000 volumes (oldest established sinological library in Germany); 200 periodicals 
catalogue/library system alphabetical author and titles card catalogue; computer cataloguing planned: Pica for Western titles, for Chinese titles not yet decided. Access database catalogue (in progress).
special focus Siku quanshu, congshu concerning Ming- ang Qing-history; difang zhi
library staff 1 full time librarian for Chinese titles (Mr. Weng-Onn Loke), 1 part-time librarian (19,5h/week) for Western titles, 2 students
computer equipment

Name Monumenta Serica
address Arnold-Janssen-Str. 20, 53757 Sankt Augustin, Germany
fax 49-2241-237486
telephone 49-2241-237431
foundation 1934
Professor(s) P. Prof. Dr. Roman Malek SVD (Director)
library holdings ca. 76,000 vols. (Chinese, Japanese, Western langs.)
catalogue/library system Harvard-Yenching
special focus Chinese philosopy and religion; mission history
library staff / contact Alek Stypa, Tel.: 49-2241-237431

address Museum für Ostasiatische Kunst der Stadt Köln Universitätsstr. 100 D-50674 Köln
fax +49 221/407290
telephone +49 221/94051826
foundation 1909 (Fischer collection: 1870) 
library holdings 20 000 vol. (35% CJK), periodicals: 50 current
catalogue/library system system card cataloguing + computer cataloguing since 1992 (allegro-C + ET), before 1992 only author catalogued
special focus art catalogues, Chinese and Japanese painting, Chinese bronzes, Ukiyo-e, buddhist sculputre and painting, ceramics, jade; collection of pre-war periodicals
library staff 1 librarian (29h/week): Imke Mees
others opening hours: mon-fri: 9-13, open access, no borrowing

address Sinologisches Seminar der Universität Heidelberg Akademiestr. 4-8 60117 Heidelberg 
fax +49 6221/547639 
telephone +49 6221/547634 
foundation 1965
professor(s) Prof. Dr. Wagner, Prof. Dr. Weigeing-Schwiedrzik, Prof. Dr. ter Haar
library holdings 120 000 vols.; 3000 periodical (468 current); 600 videos; several fulltext-databases (25 dynastic histories, 13 classics, Chinese Ancient Text Series, Mingru xuean etc.)
catalogue/library system allegro-C + ET 
special focus history of Chinese newspapers (late 19th to early 20th cent.); social and cultural history of Shanghai; party history and historiography; modern Chinese music
library staff 2.5 librarians; ca. 12 students 
computer equipment 4 Pcs for cataloguing and library work, 4 Pcs for library users, Unix-server for online-searches

address Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel, Seminar für Orientalistik, Sinologische Abteilung Leibnitzstr. 10 D-24118 Kiel
fax +49 431/880-1598
telephone +49 431/880-2249 
foundation 1990 
professor(s) Prof. Dr. Linck
library holdings 11000 titles, 220 journals and newspapers (65 current journals)
catalogue/library system allegro-c & ET (Gb encoded)
special focus gender studies
library staff Prof. Linck and Dr. Kurz: aquisition of books; 1.5 library clerks for Allegro cataloguing
computer equipment 5 Pcs for library use, connected by a Novell-Network (10 Pcs in all)
access to catalogue:
others EASL webpage

address Moderne China-Studien, Ostasiatisches Seminar Universität Köln Albertus-Magnus-Platz D-50923 Köln
fax +49 221/4705406 
telephone +49 221/4705405, 4705451
e-mail amao
foundation 1989 
professor(s) Prof. Dr. Lutz Bieg (philosphy, 20. cent. literature) Prof. Dr. Robert Heusser (Law) Prof. Dr. Thomas Scharping (economy, politics, sociology)
library holdings 20 000 titles
catalogue/library system Lidos-Hupo
special focus economy, politics, population, law, 20. cent. literature 
library staff 1 librarian: Dr. Li-yun Banck-Hsiehy, 8 students
computer equipment 5 PCs for cataloguing and library work, 1 PC for library users 

address Ostasiatisches Institut, Universität Leipzig, Schillerstr. 6 D-04109 Leipzig
fax +49 341/9605187 
telephone +49 341/9737150 
foundation 1878, closed 1968, reopened as Sinology 1990 
professor(s) Prof. Dr. Moritz (Chinese history, philosophy, new confucianism) Prof. Dr. von Franz (Modern China, language, environmental problems) 
library holdings 12 000 titles 
catalogue/library system allegro-C + ET, only a limited number of titles catalogued so far 
special focus Siku quanshu, large number of western language titles from the 17. to 19. century
library staff 25h/week, students for cataloguing; the library is part of the University Library 
computer equipment 1 computer

address Fachgebiet Sinologie, Fachbereich 11, Philipps-Universität Marburg Wilhelm-Röpke-Str. 6 E D-35032 Marburg
fax +49 4621/28913
telephone +49 4621/28913
foundation 1988
professor(s) Prof. Dr. Monika Übelhör 
catalogue/library system computer cataloguing with allegro-C 
special focus late Qing and early republican political, social and cultural history; gender studies; education; Minguo congshu; material on the history of the co-operative movement i nChinaa 
library staff none 
internet/www connected 

address Institut für Ostasienkunde - Sinologie Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, München Kaulbachstr. 51a D-80539 München 
fax +49 89/342666
telephone +49 89/2180-3674 
foundation 1939 
professor(s) Prof. Dr. Roderich Ptak (economy, literature, South China) Prof. Dr. Klaas Ruitenbeek (archaeology, art)
library holdings 30 000 titles [70 000 volumes] (Western: 9000, Chinese: 15000, other languages: 3000, congshu: 150, periodicals 1000, - current 250) 
catalogue/library system computer cataloguing since 3 years with allegro-C + ET and adapted PC-MAB, Wade-Giles (titles also in Pinyin) 24 000 title entries, almost complete (except Korean) 
special focus South China (economy)
library staff Roland Winkler, Hilde Heindl (both part time), 6 students each 8 hours per week 
computer equipment 14 DOS Windows Workstations (8 for the library), 1 server (Novell 4.1)
others cataloguing of articles of main western periodicals (HJAS, JAS, TP etc.): 5000 entries; congshu: Sibubeiyao, Huangqing jingjie et al.: 3000 entries 

address Institut für Sinologie und Ostasienkunde, Westfälische Wilhelms Universität Münster Schlaunst. 2 D-48143 Münster
fax +49-(0)251-8329827
telephone +49-(0)251-8324574
foundation 1957 as part of the Library of the Institute of East Asian Studies Studies within the Department of East Asian Studies by Bruno Lewin
professor(s) Prof. Dr. Emmerich
library holdings 30.000 monographies and 100 periodicals
catalogue/library system Allegro, RAK
special focus Chinese literature, history, philosophy and archeology of the premodern period
library staff;
computer equipment 2 computers for cataloging and 2 computers for research
internet/www the western titles and the periodicals are to be found via University library
last update: 26/2/2000

address Seminar für Sinologie und Koreanistik der Universität Tübingen, Abteilung Sinologie, Bibliothek ad: Wilhelmstr. 133, 72074 Tübingen
fax +49 7071 29 5733
telephone +49 7071 29 72708
foundation 1960
professor(s) Prof. H.U. Vogel, Prof. H. Kogelschatz
library holdings ca. 40.000 Titels
catalogue/library system Allegro-C, custom-made configuration, similar to Heidelberg's and Munich's
special focus Modern history, literature, social and economic history, philosophy
library staff Prof. Kogelschatz, Thomas Gaiser
last update: 26/2/2000

address Institut fuer Kulturwissenschaften Ost- und Südasiens, Sinologie, Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg, Am Hubland D-97074 Würzburg 
fax +49 931/8884617
telephone +49 931/8885569 (8885570)
foundation 1965 
professor(s) Prof. Dr. Kuhn, Prof.Dr. Raimund Th. Kolb
library holdings 15 000 titles, 30 000 volumes; 272 periodicals (141 current); 47 congshu (Congshu jicheng jibian: alphabetical author and title card catalogue; Sibu beiyao: alphabetical author card catalogueZhongguo xueshu mingzhu: alphabetical author card 
catalogue/library system system thematical classification; alphabetical author and title Wade-Giles and Pinyin catalogue; until 1988 card catalogue, since then computer catalogue (LARS no Chinese characters, catalogue is complete with extensive subject headings) 
special focus archaeology, material culture, technology, Song-dynasty, premodern history, cultural history, religion library
library staff 3 , each 5-10h/week; students: 40h/week computer equipment 
computer equipment 7 workstations, 2 exclusively for library use; word, winword, spring, tianma, twinbridge, lars
others Song tombs (finished), silk production in Ming and Qing dynasty; catloguing of periodicals (author, titles, subject headings): Kaogu, Kaogu xuebao, Kaogu yu wenwu, Wenwu, Lishi yanjiu


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