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This is the point of starting to gather information on European Sinological Libraries. In recent editions of BEASL bigger European libraries with East Asian holdings were introduced. In BEASL No. 9 Michael Leibold started to collect Material of German Institutes libraries and libraries of other German speaking countries which are now also published in this way.
Not all sinological libraries in German speaking countries are represented. The catalogue is thus far from complete.
But the idea is to collect information on other European Sinological Libraries and not only those libraries which are joining the EASL - group.
The information should be published in this way but if you have got suggestions, ideas or remarks to this form or questions please contact me.
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This an initial overview that hopefully will be followed up by further information on EASL Homepage. It is up to you

Austria || Belgium || Denmark || Czech Republic || France || Germany || Italy || Netherlands || Norway || Sweden || Switzerland || United Kingdom

address Department of Sinology, Vienna University Spitalgasse 2 / Hof 2 A-1090 Wien
fax +43-1/4277 9436
telephone +43-1/4277 43601
e-mail or 
foundation 1972 
professor(s) Prof. Dr. Otto Ladstätter 
library holdings 20.000 titles in Chinese and western languages
catalogue/library system RAK card catalogue; computer cataloguing: Chinese titles: LIDOS + ET, Western tiltes: catalogued centrally by the Library of the Vienna University, with BIBOS. Latter is accesssible via internet:
special focus Chinese linguistics, history, social history, literature, present day Chinese society 
library staff 3 half positions (1 for Western titles, 2 for Chinese titles)
others Projects: Methods of Field Research in Asian Studies (Sinology and Japanology)


[Belgisch instituut voor hogere Chinese studien] [Chinese Memorial Library ] [Oost-Aziatische Bibliotheek] [Department of Chinese Languages and Cultures, Ghent University ]

Name Institut belge des hautes études chinoises - Belgisch instituut voor hogere Chinese studien
address Musées Royaux d'Art et d'Histoire 

10 parc du Cinquantenaire

1000 Bruxelles

fax +32-2/7337735
telephone +32-2/7417342
foundation 1929
library holdings 40,000 titles in Chinese and western languages (one complet set of the Siku quanshu)
catalogue/library system card catalogue
special focus Chinese art and archeology, buddhism and philosphy, literature 
library staff / contact Nathalie Vandeperre

Name Chinese Memorial Library
address Zavelstraat 60, 
3010 Leuven
fax +32 16 25 37 78
telephone +32 16 25 37 78
foundation 1982
Professor(s) Prof. J. Heyndrickx
library holdings 13.000 books, 9.000 western, 4.000 Chinese
catalogue/library system Local database for Chinese books. Libis for western books:
special focus Chinese religions; history of the mission in China; interreligious dialogue; Relations between China and the low countries; History; Collection on oracle bones from Prof. Dr. Paul L.-M. Serruys
library staff / contact 0.5 Librarian: Els Bossier
computer/internet 1 computer www:
others We're not connected to the internet in our library but we have a connection at our office in Leuven

Name Oost-Aziatische Bibliotheek
address Oost-Aziatische Bibliotheek, Mgr. Ladeuzeplein 21, 3000 Leuven, Belgium
fax +32-16/324703
telephone +32-16/324698
foundation 1980
Professor(s) Prof. Dr. Defoort, Prof. Dr. N. Standaert, Prof. Dr. W. Vande Walle, Prof. Dr. D. Vanoverbeke
library holdings 8000 books on Japan, 22,000 books on China of which 11000 in Chinese, 2000 books on Korea, 200 current periodicals.
catalogue/library system LIBIS for Western language works, card catalogue for other languages 

catalogue for Western titles:

library staff 1.3 positions 
computer equipment 5 PC
internet/www connected
last update: 5/12/2001 ###############

Name Library of the Department of Chinese Languages and Cultures, Ghent University
address Blandijnberg 2, 9000 Ghent, Belgium
fax +32 9 264 41 94
telephone +32 9 264 41 56
foundation 1958
Professor(s) Prof. dr. Bart Dessein, Prof. dr. Ann Heirman
library holdings more than 9000 monographs; main sinological and buddhological journals; various databases
catalogue/library system ALEPH, via Central Library:
special focus A special focus on Buddhism, and a large collection of works on Chinese History, Religion and Philosophy.
library staff Leslie de Vries
computer equipment yes
last update: 19/06/2006

[Royal Library, Department of Orienatlia and Judaica]  [Deparment of Asian Studies, Univ. Copenhagen]

Name The Royal Library, Department of Orientalia and Judaica
address P.O. Box 2149, DK-1016 Copenhagen, Denmark
fax +45 33 47 47 10
telephone +45 33 47 48 87
foundation 1648, Department in 1920
library holdings Titles: in Chin. 57.000 cur.per. 300, in Jap. 5.800 cur.per 100, in kor. 3.500 cur. per. 30
catalogue/library system Aleph current only in Latin Letters (Asian languages in transscriptions)
special focus Hunanities and social sciences in China, Tibet, Japan, Korea (and rest of Asia). Chin. in Pinyin, Jap. in Modified Hepburn, Kor in McCune-R.
library staff / contact 1 position (Chin. and Kor.) / Bent L. Pedersen: 1/4 position (jap.) / Merete Pedersen
(inter-library) loan Yes. Contact the Library
computer equipment PC-terminals. 
others Special materials: 14 Dunhuang scrolls, ca. 1700 Tibetan titles of mss. and xylographs. The Library includes books and per. on Asian in Western languages: ca. 90.000 titles 
last update: 28/08/2002

Name Library, Department of Asian Studies
address 5/F., 33 Leifsgade, DK-2300 Copenhagen S, Denmark
fax  +45 35 32 88 35
telephone +45 35 32 88 30
foundation 60's (it is a little unclear when the library as such came into existence)
library holdings ca. 45.000 vols.
catalogue/library system ALEPH, through the Royal Library
special focus The volume count is for books related to East, South and South-East Asia.
library staff / contact Jens Østergaard Petersen
(inter-library) loan Interlibrary loans only through the Royal Library
internet/www The library does not have its own web site at the present time. Our books catalogued after 1985 can be searched through the database of the Royal Library ( 
last update: 26/8/2002

Czech Republic

Name Institute of Asian Studies Library, Faculty of Arts and Philosophy, Charles University, Prague
library holdings
catalogue/library system
special focus
library staff / contact
(inter-library) loan

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