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[Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana] [Venezia e l'Oriente]


Name Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana
address 00120 Citta' del Vaticano
fax +39-6-69884795
telephone +39-6-69879495
foundation 1475
catalogue/library system GEAC Advanced (not available for CJK yet)
special focus
library staff / contact Yu Dong
(inter-library) loan Not available 
last update: 12/07/2007

Name Istituto "Venezia e l'Oriente", Fondazione Giorgio Cini
address Isola di San Giorgio Maggiore, 

30124, Venezia

fax +39-41/5238540 
telephone +39-41/5289900
foundation 1958
Professor(s) Prof. Alfredo Cadonna
library holdings East Asia+India+Near East: about 30000 volumes. 300 periodicals (in western languages)
catalogue/library system card catalogue; computer cataloguing in progress
special focus Classical China; Taoism; Buddhism. [India and Indian music: the personal library of Alain Daniélou]
library staff / contact Ms Carla Bonò
last update: 25/3/98


address Sinologisch Instituut (Bibliotheek)
PO Box 2300, 9515 RA Leiden, the Netherlands
fax 0031-71-5272526
telephone 0031-71-5272533
foundation early 1930s as an independent library within Leiden University
professor(s) Barend J. ter Haar, Maghiel van Crevel and Axel Schneider
library holdings ca. 300.000
catalogue/library system Chinabase for more recent books and journals, otherwise cardcatalogue.
special focus General library on all aspects of Chinese language culture, with a number of rare book collections, including the Robert van Gulik collection, the Go-collection and others.
library staff Joyce Wu (head librarian), best through e-mail:
others To access the CHINABASE catalogue (Chinese books): address:
last update: 11/6/2002


address Oslo University Library (Classical and Oriental Collection)
P.B. 1009 Blindern, N-0315 Oslo, Norway
fax +47 22 69 65 71
telephone +47 22 85 6714
foundation 1811
library holdings Chinese books: app. 20,000 volumes
catalogue/library system most Chinese holdings accessible in pinyin through Norwegian national on-line catalogue: Bibsys
special focus congshu difangzhi from SW China 
library staff Koen Wellens - Ellen Ellefsen - Tone Sandøy
computer equipment Mac/PC
others the collections of the Institute of East European and Oriental Studies are integrated into the collections of the University Library
last update: 19/10/1999

Name Östasiatiska Biblioteket, (Far Eastern Library) 
address Box 16381, 103 27 Stockholm, Sweden
fax +46 8 519 557 55
telephone +46 8 519 557 77
foundation Dec. 1985
catalogue/library system Local Automated Library catalogue for monographs and periodicals.
special focus Mainly in the Humanistic field  (Archeology, Art, Philology, History, Literature Traditional Sinology, Japanology. Koreanology, etc.)
library staff / contact Helena Rundkrantz
computer equipment Pc and Mac
internet/www Östasiatiska biblioteket

Name Lund University. Asia Library
address P.O.BOX 792, SE-220 07 LUND, SWEDEN
fax +46 46 222 3041
telephone +46 46 222 3043
foundation 1999
library holdings 20 000 (10 000 in English, 8 000 in Chinese, 2 000 in Japanese)
catalogue/library system VTLS: OPAC
special focus The collections are interdisciplinary and holds books, journals, and databases in social studies, economics, politics, modern history, languages, literature, and cultures of East and Southeast Asia. Since 1998 the only Swedish member of the Asian Development Bank Library Depository Programme.
library staff / contact Librarian: Anna Larsson (
(inter-library) loan Yes. Please use:
computer equipment PCs, a few Macs
internet/www Asia Library
others The Asia Library was established in 1999 after the merger of the libraries of the Department of East Asian Languages (Institutionen for ostasiatiska sprak)and of the Center for East and Southeast Asian Studies (Centrum for ost- och sydostasienstudier) at Lund University.

last update: 31/08/12


[Chinesische Bibliothek des Ostasiatischen Seminars]  [Zentralbibliothek Zürich]  [Museum Rietberg Library] [Université de Genève - Faculté des lettres- Bibliothèque de chinois ]

Name Chinesische Bibliothek des Ostasiatischen Seminars, Universität Zürich
address Zürichbergstrasse 4, 8032 Zürich
fax +41 44 634 4921 
telephone +41 44 634 3567
foundation 1941
Professor(s) Dr. Robert H. Gassmann, Dr. Andrea Riemenschnitter
library holdings monographs: 30 000 titles, 80 000 volumes; periodicals: 530 titles
catalogue/library system card catalogues; modified Cambridge Classification's System, Allegro-C (will change to Aleph very soon)
special focus classical and modern literature philosophy history linguistics reference works 
library staff / contact Mrs. Wu Chia-hsun, Mrs. Katharina Thölen, Mr. Marc Winter
(inter-library) loan no
computer equipment PC
Last updated: 31/08/12

Name Zentralbibliothek Zürich, Kantons-, Stadt- und Universitätsbibliothek
address Zähringerplatz 6, 8025 Zürich
fax +41 44 268 32 90
telephone +41 44 268 31 00
foundation 1914
library holdings 3 millions
library staff / contact Dr. Claudia de Morsier
(inter-library) loan no
computer equipment Pc windows
last update: 31/08/12

Name Bibliothek des Museums Rietberg Zürich
address Gablerstrasse 14, CH-8002 Zürich
fax +41 44 206 3132
telephone +41 44 206 3101
Director Dr. Albert Lutz
library system Allegro-C
special focus noneuropean art and ethnology exhibition catalogues
library staff Josef Huber, Simon Hürlimann
others collection Osvald Sirèn, collection Harold Mueller, collection Casal, Brasch, Leuzinger, Aschmann et al.
last update: 31/08/12

address Université de Genève - Faculté des lettres- Bibliothèque de chinois

3, place de l'Université, CH-12 GENEVE 4
fax +41 22 3297795
telephone +41 22 7057039
foundation 1979
library holdings 13'000 volumes (monographs and periodicals)
catalogue/library system system alphabetical author & thematical classification; since 1992 computer catalogue (VTLS/VIRTUA)
special focus Classical and modern literature, social and cultural history, philosophy and religion
library staff 1 librarian
last update: 31/08/12


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