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Minutes of EASL Conferences                        EASL conferences 1981-

Members presentations:
Shenxiao Tong (Edinburgh University Library): “Open Access Resources”
Charles Aylmer (Cambridge University Library): “Latest developments in Cambridge”
Sun Xianbin (Institute for the History of Natural Sciences, Beijing): “Source of the History of Sciences in China”

Presentations of Chinese special collections in Europe:
Thomas Tabery, The Chinese collection of the Bavarian State Library: visibility and accessibility
Renate Stephan, Cataloguing and describing the Chinese rare books in the Bavarian State Library, Munich
Lucia Obi, Yao manuscripts in Munich
Koos Kuiper, The archives of the Chinese Council in Batavia (1776-1968)
Roger Greatrex, Materials for the study of Chinese law in Lund
Delphine Spicq, Recounting the imperial embassy to Tibet: a scroll in Mongolian script written in 1809
Bent Lerbæk Pedersen, ”Square word” Chinese special collection in Copenhagen
Cordula Gumbrecht, Digitisation in Berlin and Kraków
Marc Gilbert, Cultural Revolution documents in the Bibliothèque municipale de Lyon
David Helliwell, The value of rubbish

Shanghai Library: “The North-China Daily News & Herald Newspapers and Hong Lists (1850~1951)” [video presentation]
Seth Curley (Vista Goosuu): “Chinese Culture Digital Distribution”
Jeff Strandberg (East View): “New Chinese Studies Resources from East View”
Lu Ming (CNPIEC): “CNPIEC’s services”
Guo Liyan (CNKI): “Make China Knowledge Easier to Understand”
Wang Xiaosen (China Data Center, Univ. Michigan): “New Development of China Data Projects”
Ru Jing (CIBTC / Apabi / Cypress Book): “Chinese Databases & VAS through CIBTC and Apabi • Nationwide Digital Reading”
Tom Derrick (Adam Matthews): “Unique Digital Primary Source Collections for Exploring Chinese History”
Denise Che (Wisers): “The Greater China Information Gateway”
Jason Dai (Wanfang Data): “Enriched Knowledge Service Platform”
Cai Mengdi (Paths Scholar): “Books about China from China”
Albert Hoffstädt (Brill): “Brill Online Resources on East Asia”

EASL presentations:
Project presentation, David Helliwell, Oxford
From 9 to 1: not being a countdown, Hanno Lecher, Heidelberg

Cataloguing and digitising Chinese rare books and manuscripts at the Bavarian State Library, Thomas Tabery, Munich
Collaborative Chinese collection development at the University of California, Ying Zhang and Cathy Chiu, Irvine California

EACS presentations:
Find & Access: Looking for and into Chinese materials in Europe, Matthias Kaun, Berlin
The Changing landscape of Chinese digital resources, Martina Siebert, Berlin
Digitisation of collections on East Asia in European libraries, Thomas Tabery, Munich
Yongle Dadian for the iPad: The Chinese "holdings" in the universal library of the Internet Archive, Marc Winter, Zurich
WorldCat, HEIDI & Co.: observations on their basic principles and differences
Ancient books, new resources: Online access to the Ancient Chinese Collections at the Bibliothèque nationale de France, Nathalie Monnet, Paris

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